Submit Your Items to The Party Line!

The Main Street Merchandise Outlet Party Line is on the air Monday through Friday, 9 to 10 am. Call The Party Line at 870-302-3034 to be on the air with KHOZ AM 900/94.9 FM! Items submitted by users of The Party Line are subject to approval by management of KHOZ radio and its affiliates.

How to Submit:

There are two ways to get your item on the Main Street Merchandise Outlet Party Line: by calling the Verizon Wireless Party Line Number - 870-302-3034 during on-air hours, or submit your item in the form below. Items submitted online will be on the web page if approved, however they may not be read on the air due to time constraints.

Please note:
The Party Line is intended for individuals looking to buy or sell items for personal use and not intended for businesses or parties looking to sell goods as a regular means of income. If an item for sale is included in a submission of this type, it will be rejected. Due to time constraints we can no longer accept items other than the methods above. KHOZ AM 900 is not responsible for grammar, spelling, or incorrect phone numbers. There is a comment approval period, so don’t expect your posting to show up immediately. And there is a display limit of 30 comments. If your posting gets bumped off the page and you still need your item to be visible, feel free to post again.

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